OAUG Hyperion SIG to put on Regional “Solutions” Mini-conferences

OAUG Hyperion SIG to put on Regional “Solutions” Mini-conferences

First, let me address Collaborate 2010….

They say that Collaborate next year will have a smaller footprint, and focused on more QUALITY information than quantity.  Either way, we have seen a steady decline on the inclusion of Hyperion/Oracle EPM.

Hyperion session breakout at Collaborate:


Total Presentations:  800

Total Hyperion Presentations: 90-100

Ratio:  12%


Total Presentations:  600

Total Hyperion Presentations: 54

Ratio: 9%


Total Presentations:  400

Total Hyperion Presentations: 25-30

Ratio:  7.5%

Why is this?  What’s going on?

Collaborate is a joint venture between OAUG, Quest, and IOUG, and needs to satisfy the needs of everyone.  As a result, it looks like Collaborate is targeting customers who own or are considering multiple products, such as E-Business, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.  I believe the Hyperion presentations will be more focused on those clients that want to integrate or supplement their strategies and knowledge with Hyperion. Presentations will most likely be focused on best practices, 900 foot views, success stories, challenges, etc.

After the death of the Solutions Conference…. EPM users are caught up in the mix, trying to figure out which conference to attend to get the content they need.  They are finding that OpenWorld does not provide a lot of detailed information, Collaborate lacks a lot of the focus on Hyperion, and Kaleidoscope is too technical and IT focused.  So where do every day users, finance leaders, and accountants go to get the detailed Hyperion content they need?

The OAUG Hyperion/BI SIG have been working with Oracle for that last year to answer this question and has come up with a regional Solutions-like “road-show” concept that is getting a lot of attention.

This is in direct response to the desire to get detailed Hyperion/BI specific content in a down economy that may not allow for expensive long distance trips. So, in essence, the SIGs have brought the content to YOU!  The user cost will be low by having each conference supplemented with vendor sponsorship.

The Plan (for now)

  • There will be 3-4 regional mini-conferences….the first one being targeted for the New York/New Jersey region end of February / early March.
  • Each mini conference will be 2 full days
  • There will be at least 5 concurrent tracks
  • The focus will be on the Finance user, however IT will not be excluded
  • CPE credits will be awarded where appropriate.

The locations have not been defined yet, nor have the details on sponsorship been released yet.  However those details, along with attendance pricing, call for papers process, etc should be released by the end of the year.

Stay tuned to this blog and the OAUG and SIG web sites for more information.

~ by Eric Helmer on October 10, 2009.

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