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For a quote for Oracle managed cloud application hosting and IT managed Services, please contact Eric at



3 Responses to “Contact Eric”

  1. Eric,

    Shares services article on your site is really great.

    I have a question though about integration of shared services with SSO products. Please can you share your experience of integrating Hyperion 9.3 Shared Services with Web SSO product like OSSO, IBM Tivoli Access Manager.


  2. Hi Eric,

    My name is Jeff Sims and we met at Kaleidoscope back in June. I was hoping to run a quick question by you?

    I am at a client where we just installed Planning on Windows VM using 64bit Essbase. We are getting slow performance in our web forms. The debate we are having internally is whether the issue is VM or 64bit Essbase? Are you aware of any settings we should look out for on the specific to Essbase 64bit that we need to adjust? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff

  3. Hello,

    The 30 day presentation is a good webpage and great idea


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