Another Collaborate conference is officially in the history books

Hackett Booth

Hackett Booth

The Collaborate Conference was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando this year.  The facility is mammoth – which is great – there was plenty of room for everyone and things were well marked.   All of the Hyperion sessions were held in one almost secluded area.

We estimated there were about 200 attendants to the Collaborate conference that that were there for Hyperion….so you generally see the same people at least walking around in the Hyperion section.


OAUG at Collaborate

That made it nice and easy for those to go from session to session without being rushed.  However, if you wanted to go to a session outside of the Hyperion track, you were in for quite a walk.  I attended a couple IOUG sessions around Oracle Cluster Server and felt like I should have taken a taxi.

There were some folks getting around on Segways and other electric scooters – I was quite jealous.

Attendance was low, as we expected.  In general we saw less people in each of the sessions and less activity in the booth and vendor area.  However, it was my experience that the customers that did attend were there for a reason and got a lot out of the conference.  In general, I think the conference provided attendants a way to learn and interact

John Kopke

John Kopcke

with partners that gave them some great ideas and lessons learns as they consider their upcoming Hyperion projects.

he sessions I attended were generally good quality.  I spent a lot of time going to roadmap and future state sessions, including John Kopcke’s Oracle’s Business Intelligence Strategy.  I also went to a couple OBIEE, case studies on using Oracle in virtualized environments, and Oracle Clusterware. My session on Mission Critical Hyperion environments went well too.

The lunch food was awful.  But the evening snacks were not bad.



Wednesday night was the conference outing to the Island Adventure Theme Park. They rolled out the red carpet and we all had exclusive access to the park for 3 hours. It was a great time as we experienced  all the theme rides over and over again.  Afterwords, it was a family reunion with a bunch of old friends:  Below is Sean Bernhoit, Maria Myers, Ash Jain, and Kelliann Hoelscher doing our best Spiderman impression.

Island Signred carpetThe gang

I look forward to Collaborate 10 – Las Vegas!

~ by Eric Helmer on May 12, 2009.

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