What I like and Dislike about Version 11

My Favorite Version 11 Infrastructure related features:

  • Planning data source creation moved to workspace
    • No longer do you have to launch the config tool on the server to create a planning data source.
  • Essbase Archive Logging
    • It’s about time.  With version 11, you can replay and undo transactions with archive logging.  The best part:  point-in-time recovery of Essbase.
  • Integrated Installer with diagnostics
    • It’s nice to see more attention to the installation process.  We no longer need to be concerned with installation order.
  • Life Cycle Management.
    • Finally a working tool to promote objects from Dev->Test-> Production.  It even has a command line interface so you can script a data refresh processes.
  • Free Stuff!
    • Oracle is not offering Weblogic and Oracle Clusterware for free if you use it exclusively with the EPM product.  Saves a ton of cash and you get an enterprise class web application server.
  • Linux and 64-bit support
    • I’m excited to see Oracle become more Linux aware. We are now seeing many more products supporting Linux, making EPM an affordable solution for even the smallest of shops.
  • Better OBIEE integration.
    • It’s clear that this is the strategic direction.

Things that still bother me:

  • Not all products have been ported to Linux / Unix
    • We still have the need to use windows for some things.
  • 64-bit not really 64-bit?
    • installation can be problematic on some products.  Even though the docs say 64-bit is supported, many of the compiled binaries are still 32-bit.
  • Oracle Support
    • Support is still quite challenging.

~ by Eric Helmer on July 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “What I like and Dislike about Version 11”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Nice to see that you are updating the happenning in the It space for HYperion products.
    I guess there is Typo in your line “Thanks that still bother me”.

    Hey do you remember me? This is Amit from Bangalore.
    After a long time visited you blog. It’s going good and informative.
    Any plan to visit India again?


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