Eric is speaking at OAUG EPM Connection Point, Dallas

The OAUG EPM Connection point is a conference series that brings Hyperion content to local communities.  Instead of the traditionally large “everything-Oracle” week long conferences that are in expensive coastal cities, the EPM connection point conference is designed to deliver quality EPM/Hyperion content to local cities that do not otherwise feel the love.

In today’s economy it can be a challenge for Hyperion professionals to get budgetary approval to travel to attend large conferences.  Entry fees can be thousands and require expensive travel arrangements.  These conferences are also all-things-oracle.  Don’t get me wrong, you can find excellent Hyperion content at these conferences, although some find it difficult to wade through the 3,000 other Oracle products represented.

Many of us long for the Hyperion Solutions days. And now that Oracle has pretty much acquired everyone and taken over the world as we know it, we are now just another Oracle Technology in the large sea that is the Oracle portfolio.

Enter EPM Connection Point.

The upcoming EPM Connection point will be the third in the EPM Connection point series that target cities not normally represented by the bigger conferences such as Orlando, Vegas, San Francisco, DC, and nice coastal beaches of SoCal. The first Connection Point was in Dubai, the second was in Jersey City.  The third one will be in Dallas in a couple weeks.

We can think of the EPM Connection point conferences as a traveling mini Hyperion Solutions road show providing excellent Hyperion content at a price anyone can afford, in only 2 days. And the most compelling thing is that it is only EPM, so everyone in attendance is either using, evaluating, or providing services for EPM…. In essence a regional EPM community forum.

The price to attend is in the hundreds, not thousands, as the price is offset by the vendors that sponsor the event.  So in order to continue the success of this model it is important to stop by booths and interact with the vendors to hear their individual value proposition.

If you live anywhere in the South Central US, I would highly recommend you attend.  For those that were unable to attend Kaleidoscope, Collaborate, Open World, etc… this is a fantastic alternative to get good fast content, network, and socialize with a focused community at a very low price point.

I will be presenting on the second day at 11:00-12:00: The  details are below.


Bracing for Impact – Preparing your IT department for Oracle Hyperion EPM


Oracle Ace Director Eric Helmer gives a complete introduction to the Oracle EPM suite from a technical perspective.  Learn how you can prepare for EPM and understand the impact on your IT department.  Topics include services sizing, Hardware and software considerations, operating systems, helpdesk integration, database administration, and on-going system administration support expectations.

Learn from the mistakes of others as Eric helps you prepare for Oracle EPM.  Learn what you can expect when rolling out a new EPM solution in your IT department.

I invite all my readers to attend the conference and my session.  The conference is November 16th-17th

The Westin Stonebriar
1549 Legacy Dr
Frisco, TX 75034

More details at:

~ by Eric Helmer on November 7, 2010.

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