Exalytics is GA

The facts are in:

The Exalytics machine will be a Sun Fire X4470 M2 server


  • 3 rack unit
  • Solid State storage and Memory
  • 4 Intel Xenon E7-4800 with high speed interconnect between processors totaling 40 cores
  • 1 TB DDR memory
  • 2 Inifiband Ports to connect to Exadata
  • 2 10 BB/s Ethernet ports
  • 4 1 GB Ethernet Ports
  • RAID HBA and 3.6TBs of raw disk capacity.

Wat’s on the box:

Multiple Exalytics machines can easily be clustered together for load balancing and high availability, and of course Oracle wants you to consider hooking this up to an Exadata Machine (via Infiniband) for even more speed.

Price:  $135,000 and that’s not taking into consideration software licensing, service and maintenance SLAs.  You can see how total costs can skyrocket with all the additional licenses fees.

See Brendan Tierney’s Blog Post on what a potential total cost of ownership could be, you will be shocked on how fast things add up. Is this worth it?

My main question…  Where is Financial Reporting, Planning, etc? We need the rest of the EPM platform on here.   How is Oracle going to support things like EPMA, HFM, FDM, Strategic Fiance on this platform when many of these components are Windows only?

Again, I see this only for a few select customers.  It’s great if you use OBIEE against large Essbase data sets.

But with some of the stability issues I have been hearing with the Exadata, I would wait for some of the early adopters to shake this out.

Click here for the released Whitepaper for all the technical details.

Here is the Pricing Sheet

~ by Eric Helmer on February 28, 2012.

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