Notes from the Developer Panel at KScope12

Some notes from the developer panel:

  • panel was getting interest in getting integration with Google Docs.
    • Not many people interested.
    • Afraid of company financial spredsheets outside company walls.
    • Some companies even firewalled out.
  • Support for Chrome
    • Looking at it.
    • Java script to ADF  for planning and HFM is helping that.  However still some work in the rest of the modules.  Probably two patch sets away from completing.

Audience Comments/Concerns:  Smartview versions compatibility confusion

Think of Smartview is an independent client.  You can upgrade Smartview and it will work against older Essbase, but will not have the classic Add-in functionality that is in until you upgrade APS and Essbase to that relese.  Can upgrade Smartview client independently and it will work with older Essbase, but APS and Essbase needs to be upgraded to get the new features.

Oracle recommends that customer’s should always be on the latest Smartivew client, regardless of the server version.

At first APS was intended to be a common provider to all datasources (Essbase, Planning, HFM, OBIEE, etc)  However now the strategy is for each product to have their own provider services, instead of one global Provider.  APS is for Essbase mostly.  Planning, HFM, and HSF have tier own provider service to eliminate a middle man bottleneck.

Audience Comments/Concerns:  Oracle’s official versioning scheme.


1st: Generation

2nd: Release number – not used much

3rd: Product patch set   – means all products released together

4th. Patch set update – a patch SET for a product component/fixes

5th. Individual – product specific fix

Kerberos is supported on all web based communication and smartview, no intentions for client at this time.

Audience Comments/Concerns:  Logs

Problem is getting access to logs because access to servers is needed in most cases. Functional people need to see logs, and IT is usually unwilling to give access to servers.

Logs today now contain a mixture of IT and functional errors. Oracle is looking into trying to separate IT related events and functional messages in separate areas and finding a way to serve functional logs without the need to get on the physical servers.  Also – the strategy going forward is highlight actionable items on the IT side and do more proactive event driven notification.

Audience Comments/Concerns:  Usage reports

Finding out who is doing what in Hyperion is sometimes tough to gather.   Admittedly, Oracle has gotten better with sorts of auditing, however Oracle received clear feedback during this session that administrators want more detailed usage reports.

~ by Eric Helmer on June 25, 2012.

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