Oracle Business Analytics Direction

During Open World, the common theme for the direction of Oracle Analytics is the following:

  1. Any Data, Any Source
  2. Full Range of Analytics
  3. Integrated Analytic Applications
  4. On Premise or on the cloud On mobile

How is Oracle going to do that?

OBIEE.  more sources – Mash up data, Cloud based services, spreadsheets as datasources.

Endeca. Leveraging the Endeca acquisition to bring unstructured data into an analytic situation. For example, you will be able to mine free text in databases.  Good for complaint centers, service centers, etc.  Having the ability to bring unstructured and structured data together and performing analytics.

Predictive analytics.  Historical and future predictive data.  Oracle R integration

Exploring and exploiting the capabilities of the Engineered systems.

Visualizations. High density visualizations.  Heat maps, sunburst, 3D rotation, drag/drop metrics.  Focus on Information interactivity through touch/gestures, swipes, drag etc.

BigData.  When asked “How much data do you need to have in order to be considered Big Data?”  I could never find an answer, but I do know that Oracle considers Facebook “Big Data” and they are roughly 80 Petabytes.

ADF.  Move all products eventually to the ADF common platform which will make the solution more agnostic to specific browsers and have integrated mobile support

Cloud.  Oracle Announced Hyperion Planning in the Cloud.  I’ll discuss more on that in a later post.

~ by Eric Helmer on October 6, 2012.

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