What’s New and What’s Coming – the Rumor Mill

Open World Rumors….The next version of EPM will be and is rumored to come out  early next year.   Remember these are just rumors – nothing confirms, so do not kill me if my predictions don’t come true… and certainly do not make any buying decisions on this…


A few things I have heard:


The Functional Side – Short Term/Next Version

  • Healthcare Starter Kit
  • QMR for solvency II, updates for HFM starter kits
  • Major updates to Project Financial Planning and Account reconciliation modules
  • Planning will be able to have ASO and BSO Plan Types.  Should be able to set up a transport partition.  So it may be possible to change data in a composite form in one cube and have it automatically update an ASO for a rolled up number in a report
  • You should be able to launch smartview directly from a form.
  • OBIEE and Workspace integration.
  • Enhancing HFM Journals
  • Should be able to load metadata via smartview


New Hyperion Tax Provision module.

Bring Finance and tax together with unified architecture

Finance and Tax in the same system built on the Financial close suite and HFM

  • data collection
  • tax  calculation
  • Federal and state
  • IFRS, etc
  • Tax KPIs’
  • Mobile
  • Effective Tax rate


A rumored warning:

It is rumored that there will be some significant enhancements to Work Force Planning and that any customizations you have today could break after upgrading. If you have a lot of customizations on WFP, I would let some other be the early adopters just in case.


Long Range Functional Roadmap and Direction

  • Integration HSF and Planning and Project Financial Planning more.  The idea is to start with long rage plan, do scenario modeling, the select your target.  Then – put that metadata into planning.  and push into ASO cube for reporting purposes.
  • Oracle is really Proud of Financial Close Management and is getting great feedback on it.  I think we will see a lot more work on this module such as extending the adapters for more datasources, such as HFM and possible Integration into DRM form metadata perspective,



Technical/Infrastructure – Short Term/Next Version

  • Life Cycle Management will support more if not all artifacts and be backwards compatible to and higher.
  • For High Availability Oracle will support Microsoft Cluster Server and Virtual Machine Failover.
  •  Integrated comprehensive log analysis Tool
  • Better Monitoring tools
  • Better Disk Writing algorithms to increase performance of Essbase


Technical Infrastructure – Long Range Roadmap and Direction

  • Because of the push to get all EPM products on the Exalytics and Linux based Cloud, there is an effort to get all the modules ported to Uni/Linux.  Exalytics is a hard sell for HFM and HFM shops because of it’s Windows requirement. We will see products being ported, starting FDM and then HFM.  They are also researching the effort it would take to convert some of the others such as EPMA, Strategic Finance, and DRM. Once all the products are converted to ADF, the entire suite should be more browser agnostic.


~ by Eric Helmer on October 6, 2012.

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