Smart View for Office Release announced

A new version of Smart View was recently announced.  This version addresses many bug fixes for general Smart View issues as well as bugs associated with Essbase, HFM, Planning, and Reporting and Analysis.  It can be upgraded from any version from 9.3.3 and higher.

There are a few ways to install this.  Manually, or you can have it auto upgrade.  It is supported on Office 2007, 2010 32-bit, and 2010 64-bit.

However, it also comes with some new features, especially around OBIEE integration.  Below are some highlights.


1.) Support for Oracle BI EE

This version of Smart View supports OBIEE and higher.  Operations such as the following are supported:

  • connecting to the Presentation Server and Catalog
  • importing Answers Views
  • Copying data, metadata, and views into Smart View document
  • Interact and manage imported content – prompt views, refresh, mask, copy/paste
  • Using Visual Basic code to program your own OBIEE interfaces


2.) Storing Shared connections in a local client XML file

Using a local XML file on the client, you can push out shared connections.  You have to point the shared connection URL in the options to the location of the file and then it looks like any other shared connection.

Also shared connections can now be shared in functions for Essbase, HFM, and Planning.


3.) New Document Contents Pane

There is a new task pane in Smart View that shows the document content view of the current office document in tree format.


4.) HsGetValue Functions Can Be Copied and Pasted

You may now copy cells and ranges of cells containing the HsGetValue function from one Office application and paste them into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.


5.) New Reporting Object: Office Table

You can now import an “Office Table” object into a Financial Reporting, Essbase, and HFM grids.

Office Tables are display results in MS word and look like part of an Office document, but the members and data in the table cells are connected to the Smart View provider and are refreshable.


6.) POV Supports 5,000 Members

The POV now supports a maximum of 5,000 members.

~ by Eric Helmer on February 8, 2013.

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