Summary list of new features in Hyperion EPM

Hyperion Financial Management

  • Web form and grid usability enhancements:Save more POV settings in form definitions (show or hide dimensions and reorder them)
  • Save POV members as favorites for easier access (no need to open the POV Member Selector panel every time)
  • Support for dynamic POV memberlists
  • Support for on-demand rules launched per form
  • Other new HFM features:
  • General UI improvements (POV and Member Selector settings persist across HFM modules)
  • Security user access UI implemented in ADF
  • HFM modules that are not used (for example Process Control and IC Transactions) can be disabled and thus hidden from the menus by administrators via the Module Configuration panel
  • Audit log for differences after loading metadata
  • LCM supports additional HFM artifacts: application, data, audit, process management, Extended Analytics templates

Hyperion Planning

  • Support for ASO databases in Planning applications
  • Support for flexible custom dimensions that may differ in each plan type
  • Ability for end users to create dimension members on the fly (only in separate modules such as Project Financial Planning). This feature can be enabled or disabled per hierarchy.
  • Outline Load Utility implemented in the web interface: allows metadata to be imported and exported from the Planning UI
  • Access to Planning metadata in Smart View (add or update members, build hierarchies)
  • Export/import Planning metadata and data to/from a relational database
  • Task list visualizations for easier tracking (by task status, type, users etc.)
  • Planning Cloud Service: Service to be released later this year. Based on Planning

Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) and beyond

  • FDM rebranded as Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)
  • FDMEE combines classic FDM and ERP Integrator into a single product built on the ERPI platform (ODI installed and configured automatically)
  • will be the terminal release for classic FDM – new customers may only buy FDMEE
  • FDMEE will be released in phases ( GA, Patch Set 1 and Patch Set 2)
  • Core FDM features present in GA version but features like full HFM adapter functionality will follow later in PS1 and 2.
  • Some functions to be introduced in PS1 and PS2:
    • Scripting in Jython
    • Integration with DRM
    • Data synchronization between all EPM application types
  • HSF adapter
  • FDMEE UI is integrated in EPM Workspace

Financial Reporting

  • Old dog learns new tricks – FR reports and books to be supported on mobile devices via native browsers on each platform:
    • iPhone and iPad (iOS5 and 6)
    • Android phones and tablets (Android 3.x and 4.x)
  • Mobile support allows read-only access with POV selection, prompts etc. but no authoring or scheduling features.
  • Improved Smart View support (full FR formatting available when using Function Grids in Word and Excel)
  • Create a cover page before TOC in report books

Smart View

  • Upcoming SV features (some already present in
  • OBIEE functionality added (view created content, program OBIEE objects in VB etc.)
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved ad-hoc functionality: change POV on the grid, perform operations on multiple cells etc.
  • Expanded VBA toolkit

Hyperion Strategic Finance

  • Smart View functionality greatly extended to provide full MS Office integration (complements the HSF Windows client)

Disclosure Management

  • Note: Release already available.
  • New publishing options: PDF generation, EDGAR-ready HTML output
  • Variables for automating common text and TOC items
  • Several UI improvements in Report Manager

Financial Close Management

  • Lots of new features in ARM (Account Reconciliation Manager):
  • Advanced user assignments (backup assignments, team/group assignments etc.)
  • Extended Auto Reconciliation module
  • Improved data load functions
  • UI improvements

Hyperion Profitability And Cost Management (HPCM)

  • Addition of Calculation Rules for combining existing model artifacts, assignment rules and drivers into a single function
    • Simplifies definition of assignment logic for groups of sources
  • HPCM is certified on Exalytics since
  • Smart View integration for drill-through links and custom queries to Excel

~ by Eric Helmer on April 26, 2013.

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  1. Good document.

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