dropped today is now available for download.  A couple of neat new things, from an infrastructure perspective:

What’s New

  • You can use the config tool to remove an EPM Oracle Instance
  • If you install FDM Enterprise edition, ODI is automatically installed.
  • You can configure Oracle HTTP server on s shared drive location
  • MSI client installers for EPM Architect, Strategic Finance, Interactive Reporting, and SQR Production Reporting.
  • Can do vertical scaling now for Essbase and most of the web services
  • There is a new Log Analysis tool command line utility
  • Workspace integration with OBIEE
  • You can access the database repository with an LDAP based URL
  • There is a Port manager in the config tool that manager port uniqueness and detects if a port is already in use.
  • Documentation available in MOBI and EPUB formats.


There is a new EPM System Cumulative Feature Overview Tool that offers a simple way to determine the features developed between releases to assist you in upgrades.  You can get the tool here:   https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=1092114.1

Upgrade Paths

Current version Methodology
11.1.2.x Apply in-place maintenance release Lift-and-shift upgrade to
11.1.1.x Apply maintenance to and then lift-and-shit upgrade
9.3.3.x Lift-and-shift upgrade to and then apply
9.3.x and lower apply maintenance patch 9.3.3, then Lift-and-shift upgrade to and then apply maintenance release.

Log Analysis Tool

Finally we get a log analysis tool that will simplify looking at logs.  We no longer have to hunt and scour the filesystem to locate logs.  This tool list errors from the entire EPM system by time, by functional issues, etc.  You can also trace the activities of a user session across all EPM system component by tracing a Execution Context ID (ECID) which is a unique identifier. The Log analysis tool creates an HTML format based report with a time stamped filename.


Log Analysis



~ by Eric Helmer on April 29, 2013.

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  1. Very Informative Eric.. Thanks a lot…

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