Don’t believe the Hype – LCM backwards compatibility


There is a lot of talk about some of the new features and functionality of  One notable function is the one highlighted in a below screen shot on Oracle site…  (


Highlighted is the ability to “upgrade” applications from older versions to using Life Cycle Management.

The truth is that in order to move objects from an older version using LCM, Oracle must issue patches to all the older versions first.  These patches must be applied prior to the LCM exports from the older system.  


The thing is:  These patches do not yet exist.

They will be targeting first, then, and then – in that order.  They may also be considering, however if they do not, it looks like you will be expected to upgrade to first before having the ability to LCM artifacts to

So don’t believe the hype… it does not exist yet.  I am hearing the patch isn’t expected until June.

But also know that even when these patches are released, they will only be for specific versions… depending on your current version, it’s possible that you will need to upgrade older systems to a compatible step release first if you plan on using LCM for your upgrade methodology.

Until then, we will need up upgrade applications one-by-one like we always have traditionally.


~ by Eric Helmer on May 14, 2013.

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