New in LCM – Introducing the Artifact Change Report

Introducing the Artifact Change Report

in Life Cycle Management will give you the ability to run a report to see what artifacts have changed, when it was changed, and who made the change, including security.  You can run the report on any artifact type or granularity, or on everything.




Most of all the artifacts supported in LCM are here, however some artifacts do not report time stamp changes accurately, so some things may be a little off.  Also – it does not tell you exactly WHAT has changed, only that it did in fact change.

There is also a command line interface as well.


Command line parameters:

  • – File with username and password.



  • –d: Number of days. Values are:

       -X = Fewer than x number of days

     For example, -1 generates the report for artifacts changed in the last day.

     +X = More than x number of days

  For example, +3 generates the report for artifacts changed more than 3 days ago.

  • -app: Application name

In edition, there is an EPM CLONE utility that will export out ALL applications and DATA for an EPM instance for the purposed of moving it to another system.  Yes – including data and no – you cannot tell it to NOT get data.   There is an epm_cloneexport and epm_cloneimport command line utility. ACR6

~ by Eric Helmer on May 14, 2013.

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