Oracle EPM Recap and Roadmap

Oracle EPM Recap and roadmap

In order for us to know where we are going in the work of Oracle EPM, it important to understand where we have been.  When you really start understanding the themes we have seen with Oracle throughout the years and versions, we see how the new features are functionality in each release make sense and helps us extrapolate what we may see in the future. Lets take a moment to reflect Oracle themes over the years:


Functional Themes

  • 2008:  Migration off excel, self service reporting
  • 2010:  Cross-functional integration of products.  Journey to Fusion, plug in modules
  • 2012:  Deeper functional solutions, more complex models, ADF/Fusion,  inclusion to business oversight with TAX and projects
  • TODAY:  Integration of EPM and BI integration outside the context of Finance.  True Financial and Operational Performance management as a necessary input  for overall Business Intelligence, CLoud and SASS, Mobile

Version key features:


– Began expanded Module Strategy – CAPEX, WFP, etc.

– Office Integration

– Life Cycle Management

– 64-bit

  •  (April 2012)

– Planning on Exalytics

– Project Financial Planning

– Predictive Planning

– Strategic Finance in Smartview

– ADF conversion

– Manage the close process

  • (April 2013)

– More products on Exalytics

– Tax provisioning

– Data Relationship Governance

– FDM Enterprise edition

So, where are we now? let’s take a Quick look at an Recap:


  • ODL- Oracle Diagnostic Logging, and advanced transaction based logging across products.
  • LCM cross platform support (with an *) and artifact change report
  • FDEE combines EPRI platform and FDM in workspace


  • New ease of use enhancements – many updates to PFP, WFP, Capex
  • Adding Members on the fly
  • Support for ASO
  • Integration with Hyperion Strategic Finance
Note:  There is alot of confusion on licensing the use of ASO natively with Planning.  In order to use ASO natively with Planning, you must either
– Purchase full use Essbase
– Purchase Planning Enterprise edition.
What is Planning Enterprise Edition?  It is a bundle that includes:
– Planning with modules (Capex, Work Force Planning, Project Financial Planning)
– FDM Enterprise Edition (FDM with ERPi)
– Full use Essbase including ASO for all users and products
– Hyperion Strategic Finance.
So if you want to use ASO in Planning, choose the best option for you and Planning EE maybe overkill


  • Availability on Exalytics
  • Built in analytics
  • Performance Improvements


  • Enhancements across rules, data forms, grid definitions
  • Financial Close Module
  • Account Reconciliation Module
  • TAX Provisioning


  • New calculation functions
  • Pass parameters to calc scripts with run time sub vars
  • Faster builds
  • 40x improvement in cross cube calculation using XREF

And what about EPMA????  I get asked all the time how many custers are using EPMA and some if the new modules.

According to Oracle, there are about 700 EPMA customers.  500 are using it with Planning or Planning + HFM.  200 are using it with HFM only.

30 plus customers have adopted and are using the new  Project Financial Planning Module.

150 plus customers using Public Sector Planning.

~ by Eric Helmer on August 10, 2013.

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