The rumor mill

Rumor has it that Patch Set should be released this quarter.

For all of those that keep asking for the capability, we are getting indication that indeed IE10 and Office 2013 will be supported in this release.

They are also calling this version the mobile version.  As I have alluded to before in past posts, we can expect the much anticipated mobile apps around workflow and other mobile capabilities especially around Planning and reporting.

I also hope that we can truly get backwards compatibility in LCM that was published as working in the last release but does not. See my blog post on this:


Other things I am hoping for in this patch:

  • Windows server 2012 support
  • Windows 8 support
  • Firefox v24

Some other things that I am expecting in the near future, but would be surprised if they  make the Q1 .500 PSU.  If I had to guess, we will have to wait until (prob in Sep/October):

  • Significant ADF improvements.
  • HFM on unix, Exalytics
  • Much more integration with HPCM.
  • Continued integration with DRM, especially with FDMEE
  • FDM to FDMEE upgrade utility
  • More seamless data syncing between the products

As Always, we will be on the forefront of all the new capabilities in this coming release.  Stay tuned to this blog for the latest.

~ by Eric Helmer on January 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “ The rumor mill”

  1. Just wanted to remind your readers that Smart View already supports Office 2013… I haven’t done much testing with this version yet though. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/smart-view-for-office/overview/

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