Hot Trends in EPM for 2014


Oracle Released a white paper recently on their take on the hottest EPM trends for 2014.

Their trends concentrate on the following:

  1. EPM in the Cloud
  2. Mobile
  3. Big Data Integration
  4. Detailed Costing
  5. Accelerated close process through better visibility
  6. Dealing with financial disclosure regulations
  7. Data Governance
  8. Sustainability Reporting

It’s no surprise these trends seem to exactly line up with Oracle products such as the new Planning and Budgeting on the Cloud Service, Profitability and Cost Management, Hyperion Financial Close Management, Hyperion Disclosure Management, Data Relationship Management, and Hyperion Financial Management.

But this is a good list.  It shows the evolution of EPM through easier adoption, deeper accuracy, etc.  We see EPM becoming more and more of a tool organizations can use for cost savings that justify it’s ROI.

What I think is missing here is what we can expect in 2014 on the  integration and marriage into BI and Analytics, but I guess that could be a whitepaper in it’s own right.

Of course, from an IT perspective there certainly are corresponding technical trends that needs to be considered in order to facilitate these functional needs.  In yesterday’s Oracle conference in Dallas, Oracle claimed that almost half of CFO claim their biggest barrier to achieving world class EPM and BI is the capabilities of their IT department. 


This is what this blog is dedicated to.  Stay tuned throughout 2014 as I uncover the corresponding technologies that keep IT on pace with these software technologies.

You can find Oracle’s White Paper on the top trends of 2014 here.  

~ by Eric Helmer on February 19, 2014.

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