Oracle EPM – What’s Coming – The Rumor Mill

EPM – The Rumor Mill

As usual I like to report on the Rumor mill of new features and functionality I am hearing in the industry for upcoming releases. Again, these are only rumors and nothing is guaranteed. But I’m usually fairly close on these things. should drop towards the end of the year.


The Big Bullet Points for

  • HFM on Linux and Exalytics
  • Significant mobile interface improvements along with a Cloud Marketplace where vendors can develop their own applications
  • More mobile integration: Financial Reports, Close, ARM, DRG
  • Oracle Financial Planning Analytics (OBIEE -> Planning)
  • Upgrading to FDMEE is mandatory if using FDM
  • New FDMEE Module: Supplemental Data Manager
  • New Module: Tax Governance
  • HPCM: Management Ledger Allocations
  • TAX: an overall movement to use the Tax module(s) to govern all corporate tax process
  • Sandboxing in Planning
  • FCM: New Journal Entry Manager
  • Report Writer – build your own Word, Excel, and PDF reports
  • More granular security controls on who and modify / view annotations, reconciliations, tasks, etc
  • Configurable notifications allow each user to determine the frequency of email notifications for each triggering condition.
  • General Movement to make it easier to turn on/off features


  • Platform independent
  • Java Based API
  • ODBC Data Connection
  • Performance improvements
    • Multi-core Scaling for consolidations
    • Data Retrieval improvements
    • Rules
  • Application Creation Wizard
  • Member List editor
  • Easier to turn off/on features
  • Full LCM Support
  • Better Parity with Calc Manager



  • Migration upgrade utility from FDM
  • Data Sync between EPM Apps
  • DRM Load from ERP
  • Sub-ledger transactions for ARM
  • Tax Provisioning and explicit support for HPCM
  • SAP BW Meta load
  • Graphical Import format builder
  • Integration for Financial Close Manager
    • Open FDMEE from inside FCM
  • Fix explicit mapping rules from workbench


Financial Reports

  • No longer a Windows restriction if using FR to HFM
  • FR gets it’s own ADM Driver for a data access layer
  • Planning reports
    • Supporting Detail
    • Cell Text
    • Annotations
  • HFM reports
    • Period
    • Line Item
  • Annotations
    • Editable: Can specify if an annotation is editable or not
    • Richer Text: Bold, underline, italics, font, bullets, etc.
    • Annotation categories


No – before you ask, the FR Studio has not been replaced yet – you are still stuck with it (but they are working on it)


Disclosure Management

  • New Disclosure Documentation Management Repository
    • Can Manage user read/write access
    • Check in/check out versioning
  • SEC Extension Taxonomies
    • Simplify taxonomy development with regulatory specific knowledge
  • New Supplemental Data Manager Module
    • Uses FCM under the covers
    • Divide data sets for collection
    • Dashboard views
    • Workflow
    • Integrations with HFM



  • Workspace integration
  • Simpler Single Sign On Setup
  • Seamless navigations within EPM and BI
  • Template based creation of reports
  • Expand ability of drill down – source data, more detail



  • User defined Sandbox – ability for users to do their own what-if on data (without copying data or making new applications)
  • Usage and Statistics Analysis (I assume this is from the Oracle Cloud)
  • PFP: Vendor dimension, ability to deploy functionality incrementally
  • Workforce Planning enhancements
  • New: Oracle Financial Planning Analytics
    • pre-packaged analytics for the Planning domain leveraging Oracle BI technology
    • Monitor Operating Performance metrics and drill down
    • Business metrics such as forecast accuracy and accuracy trending
    • Track process trends for ongoing improvement
    • Prebuilt dashboards


  • New Ledger Model Type
  • Focus on performance and Exalytics acceleration
  • Vertical application templates.


Oracle Cloud

  • Financial Reports on the Cloud
    • Combines management and statutory reporting in one solution
    • Collaborative, commentary
    • Accessed on all devices


Data Relationship Management

  • FDMEE Integration
    • Metadata from Oracle and non-Oracle GL’s
    • Mapping Feed from DRM to FDMEE
  • Request load from file/table
  • Governance Auditing/Reporting
  • Conditional Workflow stages
  • Workflow UI simplification


    • Execute any FIX blocks in parallel, overcomes restrictions of CALCPARALLEL
    • Give power of parallelism to users when CALC parallel cannot parallelize scripts out of the box
    • Note:  The key driver of this is Exalytics.  This is for people that really know what they are doing because it takes single thread calcs and parallelizes them.  For most others, it’s probably best to continue to use CALCPARALLEL
  • Focus on mix load activity for Planning use cases
    • Better scalability for mix concurrent query and calc operations.
    • Better resource utilization with Exalytics
    • 3.5x improvement from Exalytics V1
    • Focus on higher scalability and realistic multi-user workload
  • BSO/ASO Hybrid Agg Mode
    • Standard BSO database and capabilities coupled with ASO dynamic performance
      • Supports calc scripts, write-back, formulas, etc
      • Use ASO Query processor for BSO dynamic aggregations
    • Optimized BSO models may even be faster than ASO in some scenarios (IE – shared Member in queries)



~ by Eric Helmer on July 14, 2014.

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  1. Thanks Eric, great info.

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