New HFM Index utility

In a recent patch set update, Oracle provides a new utility that will analyze HFM Indexes.

This is for release via Patch Set Exception (PSE): 18921957.  However you can use this utility on any 11.1.2.x version.

  • examine the indexes on the database tables and compare them against the required indexes to see if any changes should be made.
  • can be used to repair an issue that may have been caused by certain versions of the HFM Copy Application utility

Link to the patch:


“The index update utility operates in three modes.  The first is to examine the existing database table indexes on an HFM application and generate a report outline any potential problems that may exist.  The second option will generate a report and a file of SQL commands to drop and recreate any possibly missing or incorrect indexes.  The third form generates a report and instantly executes the commands to drop/recreate indexes.”



~ by Eric Helmer on October 21, 2014.

One Response to “New HFM Index utility”

  1. Great work from Oracle on fixing HFM performance.

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