Oracle EPM Gets a New Facelift




Oracle EPM Gets a New Facelift


Introducing the simplified interface. Oracle makes leaps and bounds in mobile connectivity though a simplified interface capability in However, did you know you will be able to access the simplified interface on your computer as well? By going to a different URL, users can see a mobile, light and simple interface to Hyperion Planning even on your computer’s browser.


This functionality came with the latest patches to Oracle Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud, however we fully expect the same functionality to be released in the on-premise version of


Note that the classic interface is still intact.


Introduction to the new interface


The main page will show users a main screen with options for dashboards, tasks, plans, rules, approvals, reports, console, settings, academy, and navigator.

1 title


Lets start with Navigator. Navigator is a quick way to navigate to common activities such as administration, client installations, management, and workflow. These functionalities are available in within the product suite, however navigator is a simple single portal page that will redirect you.

2 nav

Academy is place for learning, full of documentation and tutorials, and getting started guides.

3 acadamy

The Settings tab allows user to change application settings, define user variables, create announcements, and change the overall appearance.

4 settings



Under the console, you can see and control your applications dimensionality and see statistics related to your application


5 console


In here you can also drill into dimensions, and actually import/export data directly

6 console 2


In the reports section, you can see and launch all your reports. You can even create reports in excel and import them into FR for a quick way to start a framework. .


7 reports


Approvals will show the status of approvals



The Rules section shows all the rules. You can launch them directly. However, there is no message that acknowledges that the rule ran.

8 rules



A lot of great functionality in Plans. You can interact with forms in a very new way. It is broken into Simple Forms, Composite Forms, and a section where you can create an ad-hoc form on the fly.


9 aprovals

Can do user defined Formatting, if you don’t like the formatting…

10 formatting

You can do supporting detail…

11 supporting detail


You can even do some additional analysis and edit the form by pivoting, etc, however it’s a big buggy,,…


12 analyze


13 options

Launching composite forms….

14 launch

Tasks has a great interface to show you the outstanding tasks that need to be completed, broken out by day, week, future, complete, etc. However it is just a straight list, not organized into groups of tasks or in a tree structure, which can be a bit overwhelming if you have a lot of tasks.

15 tasks


The dashboard section is refreshingly easy. You can quickly build a 4-pane dashboard by simply dragging items on the left and placing them in the dashboard builder. You can add Charts, URLs to external web sites, or textual commentary. The URLs are Firefox based.

16 dashboard

~ by Eric Helmer on December 9, 2014.

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  1. I guess they were playing with this interface in If you access Planning from the Planning url (not workspace) you’ll get the same. However some functions doesn’t work

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