New Features Just Released: Patch Set Update for #oraclepm Financial Management

Patch: 20455650


Release Patch Set Update (PSU) for Hyperion Financial Management.

The patch set update was just released for HFM.   In this version, we have a few new features and a bunch of bug fixes.  I suggest putting this patch in as soon as you can.  Please contact me if you would like any assistance.

First, you must put in 3 prerequisite patches before installing

  • Oracle Application Development Framework patch 21240419
  • Fusion Muddle Ware patch 13866584
  • Fusion Muddle Ware patch 16810628

New Features (Snippet from the Patch readme found on

Application Creation Wizard

You now use the Application Creation wizard to create applications. In the Application Creation wizard, you can define the application calendar, application settings, module configuration, and custom dimensions. You can also copy an existing application to create a new one, or create an application from a profile file.

Exalytics Insights Dsahboard for Key Metrics/KPIs

HFM Insights provides a dashboard for system administrators to monitor HFM system status. It displays data collected from system components over a period of time and enables administrators to take corrective action if necessary. This feature is available only for Exalytics installations.

Printing Entity Detail Reports

A Printable Page option has been added to Entity Detail reports, and is also available when you view Source and Destination transactions.

Application Year Update

After you create an application, you can now modify it to increase the number of years used in the application if needed

Application Elements Download Log Option

When you load or extract Application Elements, you now have the option to download the load or extract log file

Application Tab Options

Financial Management application tabs now include the same right-mouse click options as EPM Workspace, including Close, Close All, and Close Others.

Working with Journals in Smart View

You can open and work with journals directly in Smart View. You can view journal properties, create, edit, submit, approve, post, unpost, and delete journals. You can also create an adhoc query from within a journal.

To use journals in Smart View, you must have the Oracle Smart View Release

There are alot of bug fixes.  Here are a few specific ones listed on the support site:

~ by Eric Helmer on July 13, 2015.

One Response to “New Features Just Released: Patch Set Update for #oraclepm Financial Management”

  1. One other important thing is that HFM support for Exalytics T-Series (Solaris based) officially begins. They still have a few known performance issues to address, but that is due shortly. Not sure if it will be a full PSU or a PSE, but it’s not far away, per Oracle dev.

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